Business Law

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business entity formation

We can explain the differences between an S corp, C corp, LLC, partnership, and sole proprietorship, and discuss what type of business entity may be right for your business. Each type of entity has its own legal requirements, advantages, disadvantages, and tax implications. We can prepare the necessary paperwork to register your business entity with the Oregon Secretary of State and local government agency if necessary, as well as prepare the internal governing documents for your new business, such as the operating agreement or bylaws.

COntract review

Many exciting new opportunities - a job, a lease, a new business relationship - are accompanied by less than exciting contracts that require your signature before you can realize the opportunity. Let the Law Office of Tricia D. Hahn review the contract and advise you before you sign so you know what you are getting yourself into. We can suggest alternative clauses for identified problem areas and can draft contracts in some situations. We also help individuals and business owners understand their obligations and entitlements under existing contracts. If you are unclear about the terms of an existing or proposed contract, please give us a call so we can help you understand and feel confident about your position.


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